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New products emerging in the notebook out there, all producers have come up with all the stops to try and occupy this “fertile soil”, the well-known South Korean brand Samsung is no exception. Samsung notebook did quite well on the practicality and durability, and is definitely known for their exquisite beauty, exceptional screen performance. The testing room for everyone to bring is a the Samsung 300E5A, it uses the Intel Core i3-2330M chip and NVIDIA GeForce GT 520MX distinct graphic settings program (Memory 1GB), 15.6 inches 1366 768 resolution, 16:19 LED backlit display, 4G memory and 640G hard drive. We look at its specific performance. The Samsung 300E5A classic silver tone, accompanied by a touch of black, the roof made of the general aesthetics of fashion, composite materials and rich feel. It uses a solid scratch-resistant stuff panels sprayed, while amazing, can efficiently prevent surface scrapes, and particular stuff can efficiently reduce the fingerprint left on the blot on the panel, but stripes and shell design makes dust and sweat to stay in the shell surface, as long as each use focus with a cloth to gently wipe can be cleared. Display layout, with 15.6 inches LED brightness LCD screen with a 16:9 golden ratio, the finest resolution 1366 * 768, showed good results. Compared to 14-inch notebook, 15.6 inches of display to bring a wider perspective place, better to watch films or side by side file office. More SAMSUNG SENS Battery life that is X180. The top of the screen built-in 300,000 pixel webcam, user-friendly daily video communication.

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The narrow frame design makes the machine in the exact same size can have a larger display. The difference between the chocolate computer keyboard keys fit, while not easy to snap on a collision another, fast enter. The texture cans enhance, the keyboard can understand the trial process to the proper keyboard key way, generally, chocolate keyboard feel is great. Compared to the users of the edges of a common http://downloadcheapsoftware.net/product/adobe-creative-suite-6-design-standard/ 14-inch versions, large-size models can be embedded numeric keypad, the independent numeric keypad to facilitate regular computations that are digital. Touch pad area compared to both sides of the palm rest to sink slightly, and silver design makes the touchpad and a seamless whole, and the placing of the touch pad and precise, the region left and right buttons to complete the moderate intensity of operation, there’s in use is not simple to make fingerprints and traces of good use, which can be great. Samsung 300E5A the entire weight of 2.245kg, travel weight of 2.597kg from the comparison with the 1 dollar coin thickness, we can see that in fact is not very thick Samsung 300E5A, after all, it has a big screen of 15.6 inches, and 2.245kg of Weight 15.6 inch this claim to be a comparatively light it. SAMSUNG NP355V4C Battery four status indicator at the end of the touchpad, enables users to easily see, the card reader slot is place before the fuselage on the left, isn’t particularly simple to find, additionally need to use to lift the fuselage, and the reader layout a default protective shell. Backend and did not set any interface, and kept a good one.

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The most commonly used interface is arranged in left and right sides, the left turn for the power jack, RJ 45, the cooling holes, VGA, HDMI, USB, 2.0, and the headset microphone jack, close to the user’s USB interface can use U disk and other outside equipment, VGA satisfy the needs of users external projector slide show, the HDMI interface enables users to enjoy the outside High Definition service in the spare time. The right side of the fuselage for the DVD burner in addition to both of the other USB 2.0 interfaces, somewhat after the two USB ports can be used to link an external wireless mouse receiver or a wired mouse. The interface layout is very reasonable. The top of the computer keyboard through a small hole, it looked as if all is a whole audio band, but in fact there are only two small speakers concealed in the left and right sides, the center of the holes isn’t a hollow design, can not be used for cooling merely a cosmetic look. Pick-Up holes set in the bottom left of the keyboard palm rest posture, to be close to the user in the video sound more definitely passed to each other. Today’s notebook users while contemplating the operation, heat dissipation, SAMSUNG 355V4C Battery life has slowly become the focus of attention, which has become the key to great to differentiate whether a laptop computer. In the chart we can see, the Samsung 300E5A keypad cooling do is great, after an hour or so and a half to run PCMark Vantage, of Samsung 300E5A keypad temperature maximum of just 35 degrees, and no more than normal human body temperature, while the lowest temperature and room temperature is virtually the same. The cooling performance of the rear of the fuselage isn’t so good keypad, the intermediate temperature reaches 40 degrees, the temperature http://downloadcheapsoftware.net/product/adobe-photoshop-cc-2015/ of the other areas is not bad.

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General Samsung 300E5A cooling performance is adequate. The level of life naturally is derived in the normal application of the test results are given 309 minutes of life when MobileMark2007, identical to the hours counted more than five hours for unplugged use, it can be said Samsung 300E5A endurance performance is fairly great. Samsung 300E5A equipped with Core i3-2330M chip, plus the NVIDIA GeForce GT the 520MX separate graphics card (memory 1GB), the machine’s hardware configuration is more balanced. Moreover, the regular 4GB DDR3 1333MHz and 640GB hard drive to satisfy the various needs of users. If the Cinebench R10 test to be able to form the standard simpler to contrast the Cinebench R11 is the gradual transition of PConline evaluation room, the variant of the test procedures to the last bit of performance of the drain system, and the units of fps with pts more intuitive but also it enables average users to comprehend (fps, frames unit, pts point units). NVIDIA GeForce GT 520MX distinct graphics card (memory 1GB) Samsung E5A 3Dmark06 score can be seen that its performance is good, and GT 520MX support DX11. SYSmark 2007 Preview is a PC incorporated performance evaluation software for a variety of software platforms, the installation of our day-to-day most of the software may be used to realistic simulation of the running programs (word processing graphics, video playback, 3D performance, etc.), so the test The results for the office and entertainment programs are quite authentic and accurate and has been recognized by the business.

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The the Samsung 300E5A average score of 137, the score is pretty good. PCMark Vantage can measure all kinds of PC’s overall operation. From multimedia home entertainment systems to notebooks, professional workstations to high end gaming platform, whether it is in the control of the professionals, or belonging to the everyday user, system operation can understand through the PCMark Vantage evaluation content can be broken up into the central processing unit test, memory test, graphics test, hard disk test. The DX10 from DX9 Street Fighter, Resident Evil, then the DX11 Lost Planet, we can see that test scores are very good, and the Samsung 300E5A GT 520MX graphics card also supports the DX11 game, although not quite smooth, but the GT 520MX performance worthy of recognition. And rich texture the SAMSUNG 350V5C Battery general aesthetic fashion, and Center i3 2330M chip coupled with the distinct graphics of GT 520MX either the office or playing games can make do, 15.6 inches wide screen can give you better visual experience, and the 3899 offer is not quite expensive. The Samsung 300E5A is a good cost-effective multi-functional laptop.

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